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About Us

Kornerstone Kids, LLC is conveniently located at 186 Columbia Turnpike Florham Park, New Jersey. We offer occupational therapy services for children ages 0-18 years old in our clinic as well as in daycares and schools. We offer home visits in our local area. Helene Korn, OTR/L is the owner and director of Kornerstone Kids and has over 20 years experience as an occupational therapist. All of our therapists are experienced OT’s with a passion for working with children.

Meet The Team

Helene Korn

Helene Korn, OTR/L is the owner and director of Kornerstone Kids, Helene has been practicing occupational therapy since 1998. At the start of her OT career, Helene worked at two of the leading rehabilitation hospitals in the New York Metropolitan Area. Helene has presented at numerous conferences throughout the Northeast. She has worked with the New York City Board of Education, as well as public schools throughout New Jersey. Helene has also worked in private schools for children with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays, and cerebral palsy. Helene started Kornerstone Kids eleven years ago. She holds advanced certifications in vestibular dysfunction and the Yoga For the Special Child method. She has received extensive specialty training in visual deficits and sensory processing disorder. Helene is certified in the Oh Crap! Potty Training Method. In her free time Helene enjoys hanging out with her husband and two teenage children, traveling, running and being with friends.

Micaela Hermann

Micalea has experience working in schools, homes and clinics with individuals ranging from 1-21 years old. She loves that her job allows kids to work towards important goals that are menaigful to them (and disguised as fun!). Her biggest priority is making sure she is faciliating children’s confidence and self -esteem so they can be proud of their accomplishments no matter how big or small they may seem. 

Melissa Arnot,

Melissa has a background in early intervention and school based services and she loves being part of the Kornerstone Kids team and helping all the families she meets to achieve their goals. Building positive rapport and trust with each individual child is very important to her. She likes to think outside the box and incorporate sensory play and exploration whenever she can. 

Kendall Edwards 

Kendall specializes in children with developmental delays, Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioral disorders, and Attention Deficit disorders in schools and clinics ranging from ages 2-11. She creates interventions to address the unique needs of each child using creativity, adaptability, and patience. Kendall enjoys collaborating with educators, parents, and other healthcare professionals to foster a holistic approach in supporting child development. She believes building a positive and trusting rapport through playfulness is the key to each child's success. 

Gina Kontos

Gina Kontos is an enthusiastic and dedicated occupational therapist who combines her love of children with her extensive therapy experience. Gina is a 1998 graduate of Kean University. For over 20 years she has provided a wide range of OT services to children from birth to age 21 in the schools, early intervention and sensory based clinincs. GIna is certified in Interactive Metronome and The Zones of Regulation which combines with The Social Thinking program. She is also Handwriting Without Tears certified. She incorporates these programs into fun and therapeutic sensory based activities that can be utilized in the clinic, at home and in school. 

Gina previously worked for 10 years at Shaler Academy and at Montclair State University in their Early Intervention Program. She has been an active sensory integration. clinic based therapist for the last decade. She continues to provide therapy to children in a variety of schools, along with conducting workshops, and seminars for teachers, parents and staff members.

Gina is an avid health and wellness enthusiast interested in nutrition and mind/body techniques. She is a Morris county resident. In her spare time, she enjoys organic cooking, creating holistic all natural products, Broadway shows and participates in yoga, barre and weight training. Her energy and enthusiasm resonate with children. She gains great joy in sharing her skills with children and families and watching them progress and grow.

Melissa J.

My daughter’s sensory issues specific to the potty started a year and a half ago and after several attempts, reading blog upon blog and book after book, and trying ALL the things, my husband and I finally decided it was time to seek outside help. We turned Kornerstone Kids. Weekly sessions helped her to overcome her fear of the toilet (and public hand dryers) and after only a couple of months, under the guidance of Helene, she has become very confident and is learning how to self-regulate when she is faced with a challenge. We will continue to attend sessions as we tackle a couple of other sensory issues. Highly recommend Helene - she goes above and beyond with weekly check-ins, answers questions at all hours of the day and truly cares about the kids she sees. I’m beyond impressed! 

Andrew E.

Helene is warm and engaging - my children and I always felt welcome and relaxed in her office. And yet she also somehow manages to be quick and efficient in her work and her words. My children had almost instantaneous improvement in their issues after starting to work with Helene. 

Miss Sarah

I first met Helene five years ago when I was seeking out occupational therapy services for my son, who was then four. She had been highly recommended by a close friend and neighbor. In the years following, Helene has treated both of my children for different sensory and motor issues. I'm also a preschool teacher and have recommended Helene as an occupational therapist for the parents of many children in my classes. Thus I have had the pleasure of working with Helene as both a parent as well as a teacher of a child she is treating. I have seen her work across a number of different situations and with many different children, who possess a variety of needs. Without fail, Helene not only knows how to help, but how to explain what is needed and why. I’ve learned so much from her, both as a parent and an early childhood teacher.

Sarah S.

Helene is the ultimate expert. She has incredible depth of experience, a wide range of knowledge, as well as a warm and straightforward manner. Not only does she connect with the children that she treats - my children both couldn't wait to get to their appointments with her - she is an invaluable support to parents as well. When each of my children graduated from her services, I didn't want to say goodbye. Helene had become an important resource to us as a family. Even after my children “graduated” from OT, she has guided me on so many issues with my children from completing occupational therapy exercises at home to implementing boundaries and structures that are helpful for our whole family. Her door is always open and she’s an endless fount of ideas and information to help children - always grounded in her research and experience. She knows so much about kids in general and takes a holistic approach - she really sees kids in the context of their lives, their social skills, and ability to regulate emotionally - that is part of what makes her so talented and special.

Y. Brown

Ms. Helene (and Kornerstone Kids) is, simply put, extraordinary at what she does. She listened compassionately to our concerns, connected instantly with our son, and then gave us expert guidance on next steps, and ultimately many months of thoughtful care that saw him make steady, continual progress until he “graduated” from her program.  We always felt we we were in the hands of a gracious and dependable professional, who was going to give us honest feedback on our son’s progress and growth areas, while always putting his needs first.  Our son was quickly comfortable in Ms. Helene’s presence and he greatly looked forward to all their sessions together. We highly recommend Ms. Helene and Kornerstone Kids to all prospective families!
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