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therapy services

Diagnoses treated include sensory processing disorders, developmental coordination disorder, autistic spectrum disorders, dysgraphia, hypotonia and neurologic impairments. We work with children with self regulation and behavioral challenges,  sensory processing difficulty, coordination difficulties, fine motor and core strength difficulties, visual perceptual deficits, handwriting and pre-writing difficulty, executive functioning difficulty and difficulty with self care tasks.


We offer small groups  in order to facilitate appropriate self regulation and play with peers. Groups can also be centered around learning a common skill such as handwriting, fine motor skills etc. Our groups are carefully selected to include children of the same ages and abilities.

Potty training

We offer 1:1 consulting for both typically developing and neurodivergent children to help them meet this very important milestone. Services include in person or Facetime/zoom meetings with caregivers, written individualized potty training plans, and/or in person sessions with the child. This service includes real time texts and emails with caregivers in order to offer support in the moment. Potty training services are available throughout the USA and internationally. 


We offer teletherapy services for families that are unable to travel to our clinic. Currently, teletherapy is only available in New Jersey. 


Small yoga groups are available for children working on sensory processing skills, self regulation and overall strengthening.
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